May 13, 2020

Dating, Relationships and Regrets: Interview with the Hubs & I

Dating and relationships can have regrets. It’s difficult. Like, really difficult. Dating can also be trash. Like, really trash. My hubs and I had the opportunity to talk with a friend on his new Youtube Series: Uncommon – about our story of dating, all the awkward, our biggest regrets and advice for you! Check it out and drop any questions about dating or relationships you have below!

We are by no means experts, but we have learned a couple of things along the way that we love to share with people when we get the chance. I’m so thankful that God took me through what he did on my way to getting my husband. It wasn’t always the easiest journey, but it was well worth it.

You can also check out other parts of our story here and here! What other dating relationships and regret issues would you be interested in reading about?

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