About CAH

The Beginning

One day at a baby shower in 2009ish, a friend suggested that Kasidy Isahaq start a style blog since peers tended to like the things she wore. Having no idea how to do that and no background in web, photography or anything digital – she set off to do just that – building her first blog from the ground up with the help of all the Googles to be googled. Having always wanted to be an editor & have her own brand (though that language did not exist at the time) that seemed like a good place to start.

After a couple-year stint as a style blogger, Kasidy knew she was called to something more authentic. City And Hill was born out of the call to fuse her aesthetic interests with inviting other women on the journey to embrace their calling, confidence and creativity.

Seeing a need in the digital space, CAH, the blog, began in 2018 and has blossomed into a brand and, more importantly, a community.

The Mission

City And Hill is a faith and lifestyle brand + community that is all about challenging, inspiring, and practical content to give women more confidence tools to explore, embrace & thrive in your calling as a woman, leader, wife and/or mom through transparency, personal stories & faith based content.

This space provides resources & opportunities to help you thrive in your calling, confidence & creativity in everyday life. Your playing small does not serve the world – own your voice & space and let your light shine.

Matthew 5:13-16

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