The Blog:

City and Hill is a faith and lifestyle blog that explores life’s varied topics we, as women, encounter everyday with the belief that women live their best lives when we own our calling, confidence & creativity.

C&H offers up practical approaches to getting there laced with transparency, Word & wit.

Matthew 5:13-16

City and Hill was born because I truly feel that part of my calling is to encourage women in their faith walk in order unapologetically live out God’s best for their lives in dating, relationships, leadership and just the living of life. You are called, confident and creative humans and my greatest joy is helping you see that in yourself – even as I lean to walk it out personally. Here I give you tools to embrace and live out who you are called to be in an accessible, practical way so you can do everything you were called to do. 


The Basics:

Hi, friends. I’m Kasidy –  a multifaceted introvert who’s life consistently requires extrovert sensibilities and recovering shy person.

I’m a dancer, blogger & content creator. Aesthetics has always been a love of mine. I love design, style, photography and generally things that look and feel clean, modern & fantastic. I enjoy creating and share the products of my imaginings. 

As a professional dancer I teach salsa, bachata, Urban Fusion & the occasional cha cha cha – and love social dancing & am the co founder & director of a dance company called Project Sabor. Teaching & performing are loves of mine. Getting to create space for women (at any level) to own their confidence and fully embrace themselves through movement is such an honor and so much fun. 

Cheesecake is the greatest. It’s one of the ways I know God loves me. I hate chocolate. It’s one of the ways I know the devil is real.
Like, really….I hate it sooo much.


I’m married to the greatest man on the whole of planet Earth, Andrew  – and I love him the most. He’s in full-time ministry, he’s an excellent piano player, he’s my favorite person, and he has a fondness of string cheese. We are currently expecting our first itty bitty. Baby Isahaq will be hanging out with us beginning September 2020!

We love our church. We both serve on a variety of teams there including youth and young adult ministry.  We love serving, speaking into people’s lives and seeing people’s lives changed every single week. It’s dope. There and here, in my little space of the interwebz, I’m able to share my faith and ways God has shown me to live a life even better than the one I imagined for myself. I want the same for you.