Faux-mestic Files: Easy Black Bean Tacos

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If you’re a high achieving faux-mestic like me (i.e. desiring to apply low effort to all home tasks but still achieve quality output – it’s quite a skill set ) then you like a quick, healthy solution that will feed your family and save your time. Or you might be a single human woman who hasn’t any desire to be in the kitchen for longer than you must – you got other things to do. Either way… Easy Black bean tacos

Here ya go.

I found this recipe a year or two ago and it has become a staple because it’s delicious. It’s also vegetarian – which I am not, but I’ll throw in a meatless Tuesday or Thursday every now and again (or whatever day because I’m nowhere near organized enough for “meatless Mondays” to be any type of consistent). Easy Black bean tacos

You can find the OG recipe here. It’s certainly not mine because, as previously discussed – Ionknow what I’m doing.

I do make a few amendments: Easy Black bean tacos

  1. I use this 5 Spice Seasoning on the beans & most veggies that I make. It adds an extra somethin that’s delicioussssss.
  2. I also add Oregano
  3. I usually use flour tortillas but It’s your life…corn tortillas work just fineeee
  4. Sometimes I add sweet corn – your tastebuds will thankya.

Make sure to tag us when you make it!

What easy, low effort delicious recipes do you swear by?

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