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City And Hill is a faith and lifestyle community that is all about challenging, inspiring, and practical ways to give women tools to find, embrace & thrive in your calling as a woman, leader, wife and/or mom through transparency, personal stories & faith based content + events.

Matthew 5:13-16


City And Hill Founder, Kasidy Isahaq

I’m so glad you’re here!

My favorite thing to do is encourage women to step boldly into what God’s best is for their life. I look forward to helping you do just that through the City and Hill community!

The CAH Community is for you if:

You are a woman who wants God’s best for your life, home and relationships.

You are ready to find + thrive in your calling.

You want to engage with practical, faith content that will challenge you forward.

You are looking for a community of like-minded women who will affirm you in your faith and purpose.

You’re ready to embrace your calling, confidence & creativity

You are looking for resources to help you live a meaningful life as a woman and/or mother and/or single woman or wife + leader and believer.

You want to increase your influence and use it in a meaningful way.

City And Hill Community

Here are the ways you can engage with & be a part of the City and Hill community! Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss news, events or resources!

The Blog

City And HIllis a faith and lifestyle blog that is all about challenging, inspiring, and practical content to equip you to explore, embrace & thrive in your calling as a woman, leader, wife and/or mom through transparency, personal stories & faith based content.

The Book

Your 20s and 30s are a wonderfully amazing and exciting time. They are also some of the most confusing years you’ll ever experience. Welcome to Quarter Life. In this book, Kasidy Isahaq shares personal stories of her quarter-life crisis and lessons on love, friendship, faith and failing. There’s so much relationship and life advice out there, Quarter Life provides some valuable insights on what living God’s best for your life and future actually looks like in these years and shares some advice you likely won’t hear anywhere else.

The Group

A faith + accountability work group for working women entrepreneurs, and students designed to help you stay focused, on mission and moving toward your calling.

This is a time dedicated to add value to your project, company or brand through collective brainstorming, collaborating, and networking.

The Mission

What started as a random hobby from a sneaker fan + coffee needer (read: mom + brand owner) quickly turned into a mission fellow sneaker fans + sneaker heads, sneaker owners or people who have seen sneakers before are invited to join.

The evidence overwhelmingly states that homeless populations lack access to basic resources that many of us take for granted. For some of us, we are privileged enough to count kicks and coffee among our everyday necessities. There’s nothing wrong with that, in fact, we celebrate it.

But that means we are in a position to provide real, everyday essentials to others. Follow & Share to be a part of the mission.

The Podcast

Launching in 2023

Bringing CAH off the page – the podcast was born from a need to hear faith based AND entertaining content

For podcast host, author, creator and recovering shy person Kasidy Isahaq, participating in church small groups is where some of the best conversations have happened (even if she was too shy to participate and just listened like a lurker).

Bringing that concept to the podcast space – participate in conversations about womanhood, singleness, marriage, motherhood, faith and errrythang else – leaving you amused and encouraged. Let’s discuss.

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