The End from the Beginning

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I used enjoy a good yoga class, though I may not take in or agree with every philosophy presented, I like a good sweat (my edges do not care for it,  but I digress) and I enjoy the fact that for a hot, humidity-laden hour, I am encouraged to be right where I am and focus on exactly what I’m doing and nothing else.

Though I don’t do much yoga these days, carrying this concept outside of those doors is where the difficulty comes in. I have this tendency to try to predict everything. If I start something it’s not before I consider every possibility of exactly how it will end and what the next steps will be. If you know anything about life, anything at all, you know that this is impossible. Like, all the way not going to happen. So why do I do it? Why do you? Why do we? 

Many people site Proverbs 3:5 as their favorite verse. I say it to myself when I’m stressed or anxious to try to bring my brain back into some sort of sense making place, but when I actually consider the verse I feel like it’s a bit more involved than we like to make it.

Verse 5 is easy enough: Look, you don’t understand all the stuff – so don’t count on yourself to understand all the stuff. God made the stuff, so fully trust him with all your stuff. (I think this is the Bruva King James translation.)

Verse 6 is what I consider a lot: In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. “In all your ways acknowledge him…” What does that even mean? How do we acknowledge him in all our ways?

I think it all begins with being present. Or, as someone wise put it once (I can’t remember who though so if it was you, good job) “honor the work in front of you.” If I am going about my life, trying to do God’s job and figure everything out and missing everything he’s trying to do or teach me through the current situation, I miss Him in all the trials, triumphs and tasks I’ve been given me in the present moment. I miss the chance to really consider, “what does God have for me right here and how can I tap into who he wants me to be in this situation?” Like, I miss ALL of everything. If I keep my mind on Jesus, where he has me at this moment and follow his voice the best I can in everything I’m doing – thusly (that’s Biblical speak for “”) trusting him with all the stuff and accepting the limits of my understanding – THEN my path will be straight. 

Our human nature, I think, is to try to make our own path what we perceive to be straight based on our limited understanding of a situation as it might be, or, according to someone else’s situation that worked out favorably (according to what they’ve shared or posted about it which is likely quite limited).

What I’m saying is there is value in not trying to know the end from the beginning, in taking the time to acknowledge where life has you in this present moment, and trust that it’s ok that you don’t know because you know someone who does. 

Sometimes your purpose is hidden in the process. 

And we can’t uncover it until we honor where we are, and honor God by letting him be in charge, actually. He’s not asking you to make your own path straight – He’s asking you to turst Him. Period.

So my task right now, and I’m inviting you to join me – is to work on being present. Hearing God in the current situations of my life and letting that guide my path. Things are so much easier that way, no? (yes. The answer is yes.)

How do you stay in the present?

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