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We’ve all heard it. It had to be somewhere in the top 5 overused words of 2022.  Manifesting right or wrong Manifesting. right or wrong?[…]

If you’re a high achieving faux-mestic like me (i.e. desiring to apply low effort to all home tasks but still achieve quality output – it’s[…]

Perhaps you’ve seen them; memes and motivational videos about how people need to stop being so humble and manifest their dreams with confidence! Regarding humility[…]

Does anyone else simultaneously scroll through tik tok and wonder why they are scrolling through tik tok as if real, actual life hasn’t already placed[…]

I used enjoy a good yoga class, though I may not take in or agree with every philosophy presented, I like a good sweat (my[…]

Some people deserve their flowers for unexpected reasons. I was new(ish). In one of my first adulty decisions, I’d left the church I’d grown up[…]

I broke up with my husband. Before the heart palpitations begin, let me allay any fears – this happened before we were, in fact, husband[…]

Knowing if someone is right for you can be difficult. Compatible Everything is going great – they’re cute, well mannered, and funny and then – one[…]