It’s My Birthday

Self Care + Confidence

Well, no it’s not. But it is City & Hill’s birthday. So let’s pop some bottles (of Martinelli’s, naturally) and someone buy me a cake! Seriously….I really like cake.

Here’s the thing about this blog: this blog is not what I see. What’s in my mind is way cooler – trust me, you’d love it. One day it will likely look like I want it to, but I figured if I waited until then, until I had the knowledge & resources to make it look and read exactly how I envision, then 2018 would sneak up on me and I would still be waiting. I have this wonderfully unhelpful talent for finding reason after reason something is not as good as it could be, thereby justifying not putting it forth for public consumption as my best effort . Looking at this site as it is today, I’ve found all the reasons plus some that probably do not even exist to not launch this blog. All of them.

I get intimidated by the difference between vision I see in my head and the reality of what I achieve. I confuse perfection and excellence as synonyms and I become paralyzed under the weight of trying to reach a destination that was only theoretical in the first place. Perfection is big, it is complex, it is careful. Perhaps it has it’s place as theoretical aspiration rather than actual destination.

Greatness, however lies in the simplicity of excellence. It prevails when we start where we are with the resources we are creative enough to acquire. When we are audaciously our best selves in the present with an expectant eye towards the future – I think this is where we find our true potential. This initial effort is a real time application of this lesson so here we go!

I’m excited to see how it progress and where it will go and I’m grateful that you are hanging out with me on the way. Take some time to see what City & Hill is all about, follow on social medial for extra awesomeness, and let me know what you’d like to see here. Thanks for being a part of this new community!

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