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It’s been almost a year and a half since I’ve been married, and also the same amount of time I’ve had a house of my own. Last year we were super newly weds, and hadn’t even taken all of the gifts out of the box yet, so decorating for the holidays was not at the top of my to-do list. This year, we were a little more settled so I got to have a bit of fun.

Now, I’m not the fussy type. Never have been. Also, I’m on a budget. Always have been. As a result of the convenient combination of both, I was inspired by Scandinavian design and a minimalist aesthetic to make the house a bit more festive.


I really wanted ¬†a wreath, but acorns and glitter and whatnot are not really my thing. I looked at examples of Scandinavian design & Swedish wreaths and really loved the simplicity of it. I couldn’t find one anywhere so I looked at Pinterest, took a trip to ¬†Michael’s and hooked up my own w/ a $4 hoop, some floral tape, and some Eucalyptus (which smells amazing btw).


The leftover eucalyptus went onto the mantel with some candles & Claude – our dog. He’s a really good dog and he really get’s into the holidays. He can’t help himself.

Fresh flowers are always awesome. Though we don’t host people for the holidays (as cooking is not my anointing – pray my strength in the Lord ya’ll…) I do like the table setting to look nice. I went for a minimal eclectic with it, using a mix of our dishes & some from the Goodwill.


I kept the tree one color story & look with the ornaments. It contributed to the minimalism look and buying one pack of ornaments is cheaper than buying a bunch sooo….yeah. In addition, I picked this really clean look because our space is not huge and I wanted things that would give us a seasonal feel without taking up a lot of visual weight.



Check out instagram to see where everything else pictured is from.

What are your holiday decor plans?

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