Break Time: 4 Great Ways To Unwind

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It’s here! It’s finally here. If you are in school then you’ve battled your finals and you’ve made it to the semi-promised land (“semi” cuz you gotta go back, but that’s ok. Don’t think about it. Just don’t.)

If you are full time adulting you probably have at least a day or two to roll around your house in sweatpants mode. Or no pants mode. Your house, your business.

In either case, it’s time to do some high quality nothing and recharge that battery. The following are my favorite ways to pretend I haven’t any responsibilities, bills are things other people do, and homework is fictional like unicorns or taxes. (haha, kidding – but pretend those aren’t a thing either.) Denial here we come!

  1. Clear the calendar

You will be tempted to fit in all the things. The stuff you rarely have time to do and the people you don’t see much. You should (keep reading)! But be intentional to have an afternoon or evening you protect as nothing time. Wear your fuzzy socks and your ratty old tee shirt you got for free at that one thing and watch tv programs that might kill a few brain cells. It’s good for you, like eating vegetables, except it will do nothing for your physical state of health. But otherwise it’s totally the same thing.


  1. Talk to People

I know, I know. This sounds super weird coming from me. But life gets so full that I realize I haven’t talked to or seen a cousin or aunt or friend or whoever in forever. Make it a point to call them or get together for lunch. Sink into those old connections with people who love you and let it wrap you in a proverbial nostalgia blanket.


  1. Judge People.

Ok wait…I know how that sounds but hear me out. Whatever your guilty pleasure is on tv or the show that just makes you want to reach through the screen & shake someone… that. Watch that. My go-to is House Hunters. I reserve all of my judgement for the couples who turn down the home in their budget because they don’t like the color of the kitchen and but they buy the house that’s $8,000 over budget because it just “feels like them.” Phrases  like, “OMG, It’s just paint Deirdra!” and, “These dummies are at the top of their budget talmbout they gonna put in granite countertops! Ya’ll aint got no money!” are hurled through the air from the depths of my judgmental soul. I yell much in the way, I think, people who watch sports ball events yell at the television. This is much healthier though. Probably. And quite cathartic. Trust me.


  1. Take Showers

I’m hoping you do this on general principle anyway. And, if you don’t, you should definitely think about starting. But usually you are on your way to a thing and late for a thing or someone else has to get in there so you are rushed and you just gotta get in, splash around a bit, and get out. During your break time, take a relaxing, scalding hot shower without the gotta-go-ness of it all. Lather, rinse, repeat to your heart’s content. The only pressure we acknowledge is water pressure.



  1. That One Thing You’ve Been Meaning to Do

If you must, you over-achiever.


Bonus Bonus:

  1. Lay All Up Under Someone

If you are blessed enough to be spending time with parents or parental / familial types, take some moments to just lay up under them. Cuddle with your mom. Sit on the couch with your dad. Play cards with your favorite uncle & talk about life for a few hours. Shoot the breeze & snap peas with that lady you call auntie but you’re not sure how she’s related. They will act like it’s weird, but they will love it. You will, too.


What would you add to this list?

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