Introverting Out Loud: A New Years Declaration

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Hello there my fellow introvert. How are you? Did you survive the fanfare and social obligations of the holiday season? Of course you did, you trooper you.

As we transition into this, the year of our Lord, 2018, it’s time to set some goals – as we tend to do in the form of resolutions or vision boards or what-have-you. If you’re like me, you think about your goals, you write them down, you put them in a safe place you’re sure to look in frequently. Then, somewhere around April 17th or July 29th you find that sheet of paper or journal containing said goals and go, “oh yeah…I forgot about this…” and you put it back in the same spot to be found again about March 6th of the following year.

This year I’m trying something different. I do have things I’d like to accomplish, but, inspired by the journey I’ve been on with God this past year and some timely sermons, I’m focusing primarily on who I want to become rather than what I want to have. (hyperlink new years sermon)

The last half of the year was focused on reconciling my identity – who does God say I am vs. who I’ve been conditioned to think I am as a product of life’s circumstances. This extends to many things, not least of all, introverting. I have been on a journey to “introvert out loud” for a bit now. I’m making a declaration as to what I want that to look like for me and, if you can relate, perhaps what it could look like for you:

A New Year’s Declaration:

I _______________ , on this day, the _____ of _____ 2018, commit to introverting out loud. I acknowledge my worth as a child of God with all of the gifts & inheritance bestowed upon me thereof.


This year, I will believe that my dreams & visions will come to fruition.  I will believe that I am strong & courageous. I will not wait to feel brave enough to ___________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________. I recognize that God promised to be with me wherever I go, and that is more real than any feeling or fear. Joshua 1:9


I will enlarge my world, understanding that I have a purpose in the kingdom of God,  by pushing past the following self-imposed barriers that threaten to keep my world small ________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________. I will do this by _____________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ because my gifts are meant to be shared.

Proverbs 11:24  |  Ephesians 2:10

I will not try to do everything in my own strength, nor will I hide because of my weaknesses. They are all a part of my story & testimony. 2 Corinthians 12:9


On this journey, I will give myself grace. I understand that it is necessary to stretch myself & it is just as necessary to acknowledge that I need to make time to recharge, be still, and allow for quietness which I will do by________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________. I realize this is not a character flaw, but a piece of my character that allows me to be creative, thoughtful, strong and effective.  


This year, I will be who God has called me to be without apology. I am the work of God’s hand. I was created to do good works that He has already planned for me. I am as comfortable with my need for stillness as I am confident in operating outside of my comfort when I need to. He who began this work in me is faithful to complete it – bringing me into my fullness for the sake of His glory. I will do the work even when it is uncomfortable. I will rest when it is necessary. I will be fully who I am and I will look forward to who I am becoming.


This year, I will introvert out loud.

Psalm 27:1  |  Isaiah 64:8 |  Philippians 1:6


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