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I began this post as I sat on a plane at JFK, waiting on the runway to go from New York City back home after an amazing 4 day stay on the Upper East Side. I had moved on up, if only for a short time. And it was super fantastical. I lived many of my big city dreams except for one…find out what that was after the jump.


With so much to see and do with everything a hot platform stay & short subway ride away – I made a few observations about the city that never sleeps. If you hang out with me on social media (which you clearly should) you know the big news I dropped just a couple of short weeks ago on IGTV.


This was it. The beginning of a whole new life. This was the start of hustle on a whole new level. Taking a bite out of the Big Apple for a few days gave me some hustle help to bring back to the Minne Apple, the city that definitely sleeps by 2 a.m. and 9pm if you are in the suburbs.)

If I can make it there (for a weekend) I can make it anywhere, right? Here is the most important thing I brought back with me to up your go-get-it mentality.


Now…go back and count the number of NYC cliches… go ahead.

What’s awesome about the city is that there is a way to get everywhere. Basically everything is at your fingertips with the purchase of a Metro Card and some sensible shoes. That being said, some days it’s 93 degrees you walk to the station with 2 heavy bags full of what-have-you & the subway platform is 102 degrees and you wait there for 10 minutes with no air flow and sweat pouring down your back only to get on a small subway car with 2,432 other sweaty strangers, one of which is singing Broadway standards loudly and shaking a cup for change in your face while ride an unfortunate amount of stops to get to your destination.


And you do it. You do it because that is what’s necessary. It’s simply how it’s done.


In the event you have a dream or purpose in mind, I’d invite you to really think about it. Like, really think about it.


When I was considering making my own recent life change I talked to my mother about it, she knows everything (please don’t tell her I said that). Debating whether or not to make a leap to get closer to my purpose or stay in the safety of a stable job that was not furthering my life or goals, I inquired of her what she thought I should do. She made one statement that put things into perspective:


“I guess,” she said, “it’s a matter of what are you willing to sacrifice to get closer to what you want?”


I meet a lot of people who say they want certain things but can’t necessarily do them with not having time being the most popular reason. The suggestion I make most, because it’s helped me over the years, is to get up an hour (or more) before you normally would and accomplish a task that moves you towards your goal. This, from most, draws numerous excuses, reasons why it can’t be done, and other nonsense type things. This, friends, irks me to my soul.


The bottom line is this: If you are unwilling to set your alarm for 6 am instead of 7 to do the work, you don’t actually want whatever it is – you are simply quite satisfied with the idea of it.


Are you willing to sacrifice sleep? A consistent paycheck? Pride? Comfort? Take a moment, reassess your true desires, and then honestly think about what you’re willing to get them.


This happens a lot in our spiritual life, too. I have certainly been guilty of singing loudly in worship about how I just want more of God. Listening intently to messages about prayer and how it changes things. Knowing I need to read my Bible to learn what God’s voice sounds like. And then I go home and do exactly zero things about it. I go on a YouTube adventure or scroll through my Insta feed or a number of other things that take up time and space and don’t give much to my spirit in return.


Do you want more of God? Really? What are you willing to put aside in favor of the One who makes it all possible anyway? Are you willing to give a little for the One who gave it all?


I had a such an amazing experience while I was away. Hopefully the hustle mentality will stay with me now that i’m back to good ol’ Minneapolis, where the pace doesn’t go quite as fast. The only regret I have is that one NYC bucket list item of mine went unchecked: I never got to see a giant subway rat. Ahh well, there’s always next time. 


Do you have any lessons you keep in mind whilst hustling oh so hard? Share them below.


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