Freshen Up for Fall: 4 Tips for A Great Fall

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Fall is a natural time of transition. The air turns crisp, the leaves change and, if you live in Minnesota like me, the threat of snow looms ever present – yes even this early (Halloween Blizzard of ‘91 anybody?

It may be the end of summer but it’s a great time to start fresh. The bite in the air brings opportunities for sweater weather wonderfulness as well as a reminder that there is still time to establish a routine for success before winter shows it’s ashy face. I assume it’s ashy, since it makes the rest of us ashy… I digress.

If you need a little help to start fall off right, read the following:


  1. Be Present

First thing’s first. There is an attitude alignment that needs to happen. I tend to think of this time as a great time to panic. Summer’s gone. Winter’s basically here. There’s so much I haven’t done! OMG it’s basically 2019. OMG it’s basically mid-2019. I’ve done nothing productive since January. How did this happen to me?!

Hopefully it’s not that deep for you. But in any case, the fact is that there is still plenty of time left in the year. Plenty of time to do meaningful things that will make a difference in this year and into the next. Don’t get caught up in the passing by of it all. Be present and affect your now.


  1. Establish Something New

One of the great ways to live in the now is to try something new. That thing you’ve been meaning to do all year, do it. That class you want to take, take it. That place you want to go, go to there. There is, likely, no reason you haven’t. Well, not a great one anyway. Probably… I don’t know your life.

This is a great time to establish a new habit you have been meaning to make a part of your routine all year. Trust me, winter will likely not motivate you to do so. Building it into your life now gives you a better chance of continuing it through the rest of the year. By the time the calendar begins a new 365 it will just be a way of life. And you will thank past you for being so awesome.


  1. Release & Relax

Spring cleaning is a thing, yes. So is fall cleaning! Or perhaps I’ve just made it a thing. Not sure. Either way, it’s a great time to go through the closet, the bathroom, the kitchen – wherever – and get rid of all the stuff you know you don’t use. Girl, you know you haven’t worn that top since June of last year. Go ‘on ahead and give it to the Good Will.

There’s nothing I love more than a fresh round of releasing and replacing – replacing stuff that takes up space in my home and/or mind with ideas that open up space instead.  It might be fresh flowers or more lighting or a smell good of sorts. Right now I’m super into finding scents that make the space feel open and all relaxy. I have this oil defuser & scent in my bedroom right now, it’s heaven (get 2 for super smelly awesomeness if you have a larger space).


  1. Go Outside

I know this sounds really rudimentary – but frfr. Find 5 minutes in your day without an agenda and go walk, stand, sit, lay, kick-it outside.

When I was at my last full time job, I worked in a basement. The only window I had was into the fluorescently lit hallway with a clear view of the men’s restroom door. Yes, it was as lovely as it sounds. Spending all that time underground eventually began to get to me and affect my mental health – I gained a new appreciation for fresh air, trees, and sunlight.

Before you have to layer up a thousand different ways, get out there and take some super deep breaths. That’s when I do my best thinking. I will take my phone with and have the voice memo ready to record anything that pops in my head. Do  it, you may be surprised how much clarity comes by on a light breeze.


Well friends, here’s to fall. May we use it for all it’s worth before the ashyist of sesons descends.


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