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If you came here from Instagram, you are already aware of all the excitingness that is occurring today. If not, welcome! Allow me to catch you up:

Today – after months of work – I’m finally launching KasidyIsahaq.Com + my dance website. Now, if you are web-builder savvy then this may not be a big deal to you (also, where were you in my hour(s) of need?!) but since I knew nothing of these things it turned into an ordeal. I was under the impression that if you use a web builder site then you just mash a few buttons and you are on your way. No, friends. That was wildly incorrect.

But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it feels awesome to finally have that up and running. That was the first reason it took so long. The second is one that, perhaps, you can relate to. I want to share with you what finally got me to a place where the second thing was no longer a thing for me:


For years I wanted to launch a site, a brand, something I could build that would be useful to other humans. I felt a calling to it for a really long time. In that span of time I jumped the gun, I did some stuff that I thought seemed like something someone cool would like, and I came up with all manner of reasons to name it all kinds of things. 


Basically, I was scared to put my own name on whatever I came up with for fear that, if it did in fact bear my moniker, people would not care because, after all, who am I? What gives me the audacity to think who I am was good enough for people to care about, to click on, to follow. The second thing was essentially, that I was comfortable with playing small. At this point, I’m a professional playing small-er. I can do it in plain sight. I can do it on a stage. I can do it in a box. I can do it in my socks. I’m real good ya’ll.


But in the year of our Lord, 2019 something has changed for me,  I am re-dedicating myself to the mission I started this blog with over a year ago. Feel free to also adopt it for yourself. Life is too precious and there’s too much light needed in this world for us to second guess what God has put inside of us – as unorthodox or little you may feel it is, in God’s hands it’s everything. We have to realize, our playing small does not serve the world.

To be sure, I have not worked out all of my insecurities and fears – trust, I have plenty more left. But God has called me to a new place where many of them just cannot follow.


So, what pushed me over the hump? Some really great sermons that got all up and through my business – so I am going to share them with you. May they get all up and through yours.




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