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Being super weird in public since 2015 – well, together anyway.

If you know me, us, or have hung around these parts for a little bit, it’s likely you know our “how we met” story. If not – don’t worry – I will recap it for you in all of its mundane glory.


Not so many weeks ago I was recounting the story with someone and a detail popped out at me that I don’t think I’ve considered before. With all the details I’ve shared about our first meeting previously, I think that perhaps this is the most important one: 


So, how did we meet? Well, the initial story goes like this:


There used to be a Christian club/music venue in Minneapolis called Club 3 Degrees. Yes – at one time you could go out and turn up for Jesus downtown in the city. Every year they would host a battle of the bands – local bands from around MN would participate in hopes of winning…umm…. I don’t super remember. I know part of the prize was that you got to play the main stage at a large Christian music festival and also, umm… money? You made a CD? Not sure. But it was all very exciting nonetheless.


In the year of our Lord, 2009 – my band, Ten65, was in the battle and we were going all the way (spoiler alert: we did not go all the way. We got close though…). One of the nights we played my cousin who was in the band invited his college friend, a member of a competing band in that same tournament, to come watch us play. That night I met none other than Andrew S. Isahaq the only. He was him.


That is the story. I mean, basically. At that time he was just some dude I met that one time at that thing we played at. I thought nothing else of it. 


A few months later, I was looking for a new home church. I wandered into my now church home which, at the time, was about a bigillion percent smaller, and there – on stage behind the keyboard – was that one guy I had met that one time at that one thing. And you know what happened then? Nothing. Nothing besides friendship, that is. For years. I mean, we met in 2009 and got married in 2016 …that’s quite the gap. 


I hate to disappoint all of the raging romantics out there but, for me, it was not “love at first site”. Or second, or 12th, or 97th. And, while that may sound terrible, I think it was one of the greatest things God has done for me. For us.


For years, I remember crying out to God, “where is he?? Did you forget I was single? Can you give me a hint of what he looks like? Where he lives? Something? Should I move to a whole ‘nother state? A lil’ help here! ” All the while I was serving with my future husband at church basically every week. 


I truly believe God didn’t open my eyes to him during that time because he was growing me so much. There were lessons I hadn’t learned, insecurities I hadn’t identified and harmful thought patterns present that, had Andrew and I started dating then – especially with the specific call he has on his life, I would have jacked it all up for the both of us. Even when we got together – I tried. You can read about that here. But I think God had my eyes shut because His timing is perfect and He knew exactly what I needed to learn and what Andrew needed to learn so that, when we did get together, we could push our callings forward instead of hinder them for each other. 


The cherry on top of all of this, of course, was that I was sure I was not called into ministry. Like, sure sure. My mom (who, as you know if you’ve been here a while, is annoyingly right about pretty much everything) always told me I was called to it. I told her (and by told I mean thought it very quietly because I didn’t want her to punch me) she was crazy. 


God had to bring me to a place of brokenness – a new level in Him to understand all of what He wanted my life to entail instead of all of the nonsense I thought I wanted. He had to bring me to a place of acceptance and discovery of my own calling – which I’m still discovering everyday – but now much more open to and I realize, of course, that my mom was right…again. 


When that happened and I finally got into a good pace in the race God was calling me to run as an individual, “all of a sudden” there Andrew was, running right next to me. I saw him with fresh eyes. And the complete circumference of his character that I’d witnessed as his friend through the years became abundantly clear on me. That’s how we met, at least, that’s how I met Andrew, my husband, after knowing Andrew, my friend, for some years. It was then I began to realize he was exactly who I’d been praying for. 


In the end, I’m grateful that God was kind enough, loving enough, to blind me to the possibility of that relationship until I was ready and mature enough to handle it. What an amazing, caring God – even when I was throwing my temper tantrums He had a plan all along –


If you are in a season of waiting, for anything – believe God has not forgotten about you. He already has a plan for you. Provision could be right under your nose, but you won’t see it until His time – and it might not be how you thought it would come. Trust Him with all of it & be encouraged. It will all unfold in due time. 

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