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Every year there is a word that becomes part of the zeitgeist. It is pop-culture prominent and overused. RIP to some past holders of the spot: “On Fleek,” “Cray,” and “Lit.” 


We may want to think about “AF,” “Savage” and “Bye Felicia” as vernacular to leave behind in the year of our Lord 2019. That last one is mainly because some of ya’ll don’t know the actual origin – you know who you are. 


There is one, however, that I submit we 100% leave alone as we enter the 20’s. Please. Can we? 



That’s the one. Tbh, the word doesn’t actually get on my nerves, it’s the concept and how comfortable we are with behaviors that embody the term. 


We’ve become too comfortable, I think, with this as people and especially if you consider yourself the faith-abiding kind of folk.


I recently read a FB post by a Jesus-loving acquaintance type who had an experience that was, to be sure, frustrating. The way she responded was to mildly inconvenience the person on purpose and then to describe it as “petty” as almost a way of justification. Those who commented thought it was a hilarious solution for the most part. 


I’m asking, can we leave petty behavior in the past, friends? We were never called to be “petty” in response to being inconvenienced or wronged. The literal opposite, actually. It may seem like a small thing in the moment – but those small moments are also chances to show grace – perhaps the only grace that person will receive in their day. 


I submit to you that we should not be comfortable reacting that way toward one another, but challenge ourselves and each other to be the wonderful humans we are in every situation. 


I probably won’t stop using the word, but I’m going to try to, at the very least, not personify it. 


While we’re at it, can we also leave, “Zaddy?” Let’s just drop it off at 11:59pm on December 31st and never look back. Who’s with me? 


What other terms or behaviors should we leave behind in 2019?

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