Dealing with Uncertainty

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Today it’s snowing. In April. 


Besides it being a subject of a Prince song (how very apropo since I’m coming to you all the way from Minneapolis) it is also indicative of what this season has been like for me, and probably you. It can be hard dealing with uncertainty and dashed expectations. 


I started January with at least some semblance of a plan. I’m not a great planner – but I do my best. My plans may not be foundations laid in concrete as sturdy pillars of direction but they are, at the very least, the equivalent of a well-made and impressive enough cardboard-box fort. The good cardboard, not the flimsy stuff. I have to work hard for even that. Well my fort was up and then boom – baby. Everything changed and expectations that constructed the walls were left soggy in a ditch, forcing me to start over with unfamiliar materials. 


And then boom – virus. Quarantine. Social distance. No work, check or dance company to direct. And again, any ideas I had of how I might construct something recognizable had drifted away, blown by unseasonable & unexpected events. 


Do you feel this way, too? Like the ideas you had for your life, your spring, your year are now uncertain and you’re not quite sure if you can salvage anything recognizable? 


One phrase changed the way I looked at this phenomenon. “Get over the idol that what you had in mind is what God wanted for you.” – Jonathan Brozozog


That smacked me upside my head about 3 times


We get the idea, sometimes, that how we had things laid out is the way it had to be – like because we were good with it then obviously that is the way God wanted it. 


To get over this idea takes some humility and trust. 


Can you humbly admit that you’re not in control? That His most mediocre plan is still 1000X better than your best idea? And that God’s ways are higher than your ways? That He who began a good work is still faithful to complete it – even when circumstances look crazy?  


If right now is nothing else, it is an exercise in understanding my plans, though wonderful, don’t rule anything. Should I have them? Sure! But I must be careful that I don’t turn my vision into an idol, placing it at the helm of my life agreeing only to a good attitude if it comes to fruition. 


Dealing with uncertainty can look a lot like letting go of expectations. You are surrendering to defeat, you’re surrendering to one who had a plan for you before you were born. Nothing has changed. 

Sometimes giving up what you had in mind makes room for what you could have never dreamed up in the first place. So bring on the April snow – unexpected events can be the catalysts for new beginnings. 


What are your thoughts? How are you coping with this issue?

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