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What a time. 

I assume being pregnant at any time is crazy and life-changing and comes with it’s own challenges – I’ve never done it before now, but even with my limited experience I feel like that’s got to be true. To be pregnant in a pandemic though, well that’s just a whole ‘nother situation. 

As if growing an entire human isn’t enough to mess with your hormones, body and emotions, doing so while living the quarantine life is a different level of weird. I find myself having good days, but the frustrating days are far more frequent. I can only imagine what it’s like for those of you who already have littles you have to homeschool, keep fed and who want you to watch them sing the song from Moana for the 6th time today. I’m pretty sure that, at this point, you qualify for sainthood. I don’t know the specific requirements for that, but you have to be close. 

Pregnancy can already be isolating, but actually isolating in the midst of it really doesn’t help. When asked what I was going to do one day during this nonsense, an actual phrase that came out of my mouth was, “well, I’m sitting here now – but I’ll probably sit somewhere else later.” Yes – my life has reached new heights of exciting. It can mess with your mind a little bit. A friend of mine mentioned the other day that someone in her family said they loved being pregnant. I thought for a moment – do I? I mean, I think I do? But things are so strange that it’s hard for me to know – there’s not enough life happening around me to properly assess the season I’m in. Perhaps you find yourself there, also.

Here’s one thing I’ve learned in these 5 months of being pregnant, though:  women are superheroes. No one will ever tell me different. I have always been a fan of us, and I always knew we were strong – but going through this has taken my level of appreciation to heights I did not know existed and I probably couldn’t have gotten there without this experience. 

If you are like I was and a small part of your consideration of when or if you’d like to bear children some day is the fact that it just seems like a whole lot of difficulty and weirdness and pain and discomfort – you’re right about it. I mean, I’ve just started the journey and, my goodness, it’s a lot. But what I will also say is that you are built with this strength you do not know you have yet. You were literally created to do impossible things. Seriously. You may have other reasons to wonder and that’s perfectly valid. I’m not really trying to sway you either way. But, if the thought of “but can I do it?” is on the list go on a head and cross it off. 

I mean, the “Proverbs 31 woman” is often cited as our example as a good place to aim for. The thing about her if you really read that though is she was a complete boss. She was doing all the things & handling all the business. You are built for that, too. With the proper self care added, of course. 

So, in this time where life as normal has evaporated and we are left to try to be OK mentally, emotionally and physically while bringing life into this world, I find myself mourning the community that typically is readily accessible, but isn’t right now. It’s really hard to not have anyone allowed in the appointments to support you – I know. To the ladies who have had to cancel gender reveals and baby showers – that’s hard stuff, for everyone, but especially if this is your first kid. I figure the only answer we have is to be resources for each other.

I’m opening up a new category on City and Hill – Family. I’ve been asked if I’m going to go all “mommy blogger” on you – although I’m finding them wildly wonderful & helpful at this time – no. Though motherhood is a huge part of our experience when it happens, there are so many things in the lives of women to talk about as well. Expect the same content from C&H with the added bonus and community of all things mom & family. Grab tips & suggestions on how to stay happy, healthy, connected and encouraged as we ride out this pandemic and beyond. 

Also look for a new contributor coming soon! I’m excited ’bout it.

Are you rocking a baby bump right now? How has our current corona situation impacted you?

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