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Listen, fewer things have been more confusing than what items are needed to keep the little human planning to emerge from my body alive, fed and happy, ie. what you actually need on your baby registry. If Al Gore’s internet has anything to say about it, I’ll have to throw out all of my current belongings to make room for all the warmers and genies,  seats, swings and doodads I just “need” for this kid.

I thought, instead of guessing, wisdom would probably say ask someone who knows – so I did. In her first (definitely not last) appearance on City & Hill I’d like to present to you a list of suggestions from someone who knows the real deal. Enter my girl, Nancy.

Nancy is the mother of 3 ridiculously beautiful girls with a boy on the way! She’s smart. She’s awesome. She knows much things. She’ll be providing more of her wisdom right here on C&H in the weeks to come! For now, she is giving us some of her favorite items from her years as an amazing mom.

The following is a collaboration we’ve put together if you’re wondering what I have been wondering,  “What am I finna do with this baby? What do I truly need?” Here ya go.  This list is not exhaustive, but there’s some good stuff to get you going. Oh, and by “collaboration” I mean she has provided every bit of useful information that follows – I’ve provided category headings. #TeamWork.

How We Finna Care for This Baby (Hygiene): 

Tubby Todd everything!
Especially the healing or all over ointment – I use it for any scratch, diaper rash anything. 

Honest brand shampoo/conditioner and body wash

Frida Baby stuff is all Sooo good

Diapers – Honest, I also recommend Pamper Sensitive. They are not the cheapest but smell and sogginess or soak through are not an issue, especially with Honest brand

WipesWater wipes, especially if your baby has a sensitive bottom. My kids all did. Otherwise Honest or the new Cloud Nine brand at Target. 

Oogie Bearbooger scooper (trust me on this one!)

BathPuj Tub

Thermometer – Forehead or temple touch. I’ve had many brands and they all worked fine.

How We Finna Dress This Baby:
Footie Sleepers:   

Kyte Baby

L’oved Baby 


They last and they are super soft.
*Pro Tip: try to get ones where they have ZIPPERS no buttons or snaps. 

Basic Target Brand

Best shoes that stay on:
Kalin Marie boutique has little booties that don’t fall off!

Where we Finna Put this Baby (Home & Travel):

Halo – One side collapses so it makes it easy to get baby in and out in the middle of the night.

Stroller/Car Seat:

Uppa Baby if you prefer a system

Baby Wearing Wrap:
Solly Baby

How We Finna Feed this Baby:
Nursing Pillow:
Nook Organic

Breast Pump:
Medela (which you get free with most insurances) and also a Haakaa

Nursing Cover –
Bebe au Lait brand is the best. 

Copper Pearl or Milkmaid Goods covers are great for car seats but I didn’t like them to nurse, they were suffocating.

Fav Bottles:
(but you may want to buy a few different ones because you just don’t know which one baby will like. They are picky.)

Nursing Pads –
Any store brand is fine

How We Finna Calm This Baby: 

Pacifier and Clips:
Ryan and Rose

Nightlight/Sound Machine –

Large Premium Knit Baby Swaddle Receiving Blanket – these are my FAVORITE!

Have you ever used any of these items? What else are you wondering about needing?

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