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Look, I’m out here growing out of clothes every 5 weeks. I’ve had to really get creative in my shopping, which happens far more frequently than usual (growing bump + quarantine = Jesus be a fence around my wallet). What I’ve noticed as a preggie is that a lot of the clothes marketed as “maternity” will have you out here looking like a 49 1/2 year old soccer mom who’s turn it is to bring the orange slices and calls her yoga pants her “nice” pair of pants for the low price of $98. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being all of those things, it’s just that I am none of them and haven’t the desire to look that part. And for those type of coins, truly, who has time? My favorite bump fashion. 

In my effort to look like I still have some aesthetic wit about me, I wanted to make sure I feel good by at least looking good – even with nowhere to really go. That part has been interesting….

The following is a peak at my favorite bump fashion and, in an interesting twist, it reads quite the same as my pre-pregnancy go-tos for some very good reasons:


Asos – Maternity or Non

I bought a couple pairs of maternity jeans & leggings from ASOS and have been wonderfully pleased with both. 

I loved ASOS before the whole baby thing, though. I feel like I always find something unique there if I’m looking for super glam or extra relaxed. It all works. And they have a range of sizes. Bless.


Fashion Nova

Yes. I said it. Listen, Fashion Nova jeans were the only high-waisted skinny jeans I found that fit the hips & the booty when I was just one person with no uterine carry-on luggage. Ya’ll know how difficult that is. And while I won’t be saying hello to any of those soon, I have found that their dresses come in clutch. 

The reason the Nova works is because the clothes are meant to hug alla da curves, whether they exist out loud or just in your imagination (much like my pre pregnancy posterior). I feel smaller when I wear things that are fitted and that’s their specialty. Those clothes stretch to the ends of the earth because they are meant to. Present bump, I can look cute & trendy (see above). Plus there’s a slight chance I can still fit these joints when I’m done incubating. And, in the event I cannot, I’ve not spent a ridiculous fortune on something I’ll only wear for a couple months as Fashion Nova is notoriously cost friendly. Win win, amirite?


For quite similar reasons as mentioned above, F21 dresses & skirts have kept me afloat both  before there were trimesters and while I’ve been trimestering. Idk how they get all that stretch in there, but I’m grateful for the mighty power of the spandex/lycra blend that holds all things together. Amen.


Not only did I find great dresses, but also the elusive pair of maternity biker shorts I’d been searching for. There are both maternity & non-maternity options available and all are quite affordable.



I am not now, nor have I ever been much of a “blouse” girl. I don’t even really know when something qualifies as a blouse. But I love a good T-shirt. Now, I’m going to let you in on my secret stuff, ok. Don’t tell nobody. 

From Prepregnancy to now, H&M men’s t-shirts have been among my favorites to wear. They have more of a relaxed fit than women’s, but still flatter. Once my tummy started to sneak its way out of the bottom of my current stock of shirts, I headed to my local H&M and scored a haul. I can still wear a small in Mens tees, the “slim fit” sit comfortably around the bump and they look good. 

If you favor a more flowy feel, they also have dresses that will work for ya – I wore one right when the bump was starting to pop and no one was the wiser. 

Brands Mentioned to Me for active Bumps by super cool moms that I have Not Tried

Gap & Blanqui 

Pro tips for non “maternity” maternity wear: 

  • Make sure the garment doesn’t have a zipper
  • Make sure if there’s any seaming in the front that it is an empire waist. eVen then that’s tricky. To be safe opt for no seaming at all. 
  • Make sure it’s stretchhhhyyyyy
  • Pants waistband should be stretch and sit below the bump – if not, you might die….that squeeze is no joke
  • If you find pants that fit above the bump, pay attention to how much room is between the band and the crotch. That could make for a quite uncomfortable situation.
  • Buy maternity pants and buy them early on, there’s no way around needing them, you might as well get all of the wear out of them you can.
  • Have fun, take a risk. Wear a color/print that you normally wouldn’t.

I’ve collected some of my favorite bump fashion here! Got some more tips? Please, enlighten in the comments!

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