My Pregnancy Style Hack: Third Trimester

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Well here we are. I feel like we have arrived at this point together – good job, you made it. Keep reading for your well deserved reward! MY PREGNANCY STYLE HACK

I’ve recounted thoughts on the first and second trimester. Now I am firmly at the end of my third trimester. The end, end. Like this baby could pop out of meat any moment and I truly hope he does.  In light of that, this is my third and last style reflection of the most challenging trimester to keep any type of style about yourself. 

Honestly – this pregnancy thing is not for the faint of heart, though you can totally do it if you choose to. But in this, the blessed last trimester, you are a different size every week and a half, and the things that used be your go-tos now do not fit over the protuberance of your bump so you stay flashing the world the bottom half of your tummy and you look like you don’t understand how clothes work. And honestly, you kinda don’t. Not anymore. 

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  • date night third trimester rent the runway black woman
  • dress third trimester style black woman rent the runway
  • dress third trimester maternity style
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  • dress third trimester maternity style black woman rent the runway


The last trimester brings about the special challenge of still needing to be seen in public (kind of sometimes due to the rona) and look like you have some sense – but you don’t want to buy things that fit in you in this state because you won’t be able to fit them later…if ever again. Le sigh. 


One thing has saved me. I have been able to feel confident in clothes throughout this thing and, even though I may feel like a dump truck, I didn’t have to feel like I looked like a vagabond ragamuffin. That was very important to me. 


So my saving grace? Rent the Runway. 


If you’ve not heard of this service, you can choose a plan at a monthly fee (I got in at a discount – which you can too! Keep reading) in which you swap clothes once, twice or an unlimited number of times a month. You choose 4 pieces from a wide array of styles, wear them as many times as you like, mail them back in a prepaid, labeled bag and request 4 more. 


Clutch. Not only did I feel cute, I didn’t get bored – I didn’t get stuck buying a ton of clothes I couldn’t wear after a few months (which my budget would have said no to anyway). Plus it was fun and I got to play outside of my comfort zone a bit. 


Now, the small catch is it can take a bit of experimentation to find the sizes that work for you in your preggy state. However, there are a ton of reviews that are super helpful in helping you estimate your size. There were only a couple of items that just flat out didn’t work for me. Also, some styles are popular, so if you have your eye on something it may be unavailable by the time you get around to it, which also happened to me a time or two, but there are plenty of alternatives so it’s not a huge deal. 


I plan on continuing (at least for a while) post-birth because I doubt my old jeans will just slide back on – so this way I can continue to feel good and look good in clothes without committing to them – at least until my post baby body settles into whatever fantastic form it will choose to take. 


If you are riding the preggy train, I highly recommend you consider it! And if you’re not, I highly recommend you consider it – attending special events without buying a whole dress you’re not going to wear again can be a thing of the past.  It truly has been a fun and useful decision for our budget and for my self-esteem at a time when my body is doing approximately 22,304 unfamiliar things. 


Interested?  Sign up using this link for $30 off and get started! Happy “shopping”! 


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