The 3 Best Apps for New Moms

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Listen, as a new mom – you take all of the help you can get. AmIRite? And the less things I have to keep in my brain and the more I can delegate, even to technology, is a win. If you are a new mom, you are well aware of the haze you’re in from the time you push that tyke out until..well, I’m not sure because I think I’m still in it (which you may know if you’re following my journey). Here are the 3 best apps for new moms (IMHO) or, at least, the ones that have helped me keep my wits about me while the small human screams. Or poops. Or laughs. Or what-have-you:

What to Expect 

I used this all throughout my pregnancy. It’s a pregnancy tracker as well as a well of information about all the things. Breast feeding, pediatricians, diaper rash, poop – it’s all there. The articles are great jumping off points – more research may be needed, but there are tons of things that popped up for me I didn’t even know I was supposed to research. Also, it automatically filters you into  a message board of moms who had babies the same month as you. So you can participate or lurk (like I do) – but either way it’s nice to see what you have in common with the other moms who are doing the same thing at the same time. 


Naps are an art and a science when it comes to little nuggets. You can select how many naps you want the kid to take in the day and Huckleberry will tell you the optimal nap times to fit them all in, plus the optimal bedtime. It’s helpful to me when we’re out and about and the itty bitty is getting fussy – I can look at the app and see if a naptime is coming up (or if I missed one) and know it’s time to put lil homie down for a bit. You can also track things like feedings, diapers, pumping, medicine and all types of wonderfulness – and this is just the free version friends. 

You can opt for the paid version if you want some more guidance on sleep or a schedule created just for your little person. It’s been a great way to keep track of stuff w/out having to keep track of it. 

EDIT: Huckleberry has now changed to where you need the paid version for the nap tracker – still may be worth it – I found it super helpful for those first months!

The Wonder Weeks 

Game. Changer. This app keeps track of “leaps” or developmental milestones your lil homie is about to encounter. It gives you tons of info on what to expect, how you can help your child through the leap and what to think about as they hit their particular developmental stage. There is a whole calendar of when the leaps will happen and how long they traditionally take so you can prepare for any residual nonsense that may accompany your little one trying to get their proverbial little life. Super helpful in the grand scheme of things. Also $Free.99.

Honorable Mention: 

Hatch + App

This one requires some scrilla. If your little has yet to emerge, throw that thang on your registry! If you don’t have a Hatch, get you one. It’s a nightlight + sound machine you can control from your phone through an app. Obviously you have to purchase the product, but I have found it to be well worth it. On those late night diaper changes, you don’t want to sear your retina with an intense light, or risk waking up the kid more than you have to. You can turn on different hued lights as soft or bright as you need as well as the sound that makes the baby chill the heck out. I find it helpful to do it from my phone on the way to the room so that when we walk up in there, he knows what time it is. Bedtime. 

Do you use any of the 3 best apps for new moms? Are there others you find helpful? Share the goodness below. 

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