On Beginning: City and Hill Official Clothing Brand Launch!

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I remember sitting across from a long table, eyes down and voice quivering. O beginning city and hill

A mentor of mine was on her way to life coach and took me on as one of her first charges. “What do you want to do?” She asked as she peered over her glasses at me – trying to get to the crux of what I saw for myself and my future. 

“Well,” I started, unsure of how much I wanted to say because in my head it sounded insignificant and a little silly, “I want to having a clothing line. I feel like all of the things I do can be connected – blogging and teaching and clothing or aesthetics.” I’m sure those words began quietly enough and evaporated into a susurration of pseudo-sound as I fidgeted – surprising myself that any of it was audible at all. 

Now, I don’t remember this conversation verbatim except for one sentence. The above is a rough estimation of what I recall saying – but this next part I remember prestinley. On Beginning City and Hill Clothing Brand Launch

“What will happen if you don’t create this clothing line?,” she asked. On Beginning: City and Hill Official Clothing Brand Launch!

And, at that, I stammered and began to tear up.

I was embarrassed and confused. Why on earth would that question make me cry? How stupid. It’s just clothes – and a thing I don’t even know how to describe. What was wrong with me?

Now, upon reflection years later, I don’t think it was the thought of not creating the clothing line specifically that made my bottom lip begin to shake and my voice wear thin. 

What I was describing was was a brand – though at that time, that wasn’t really a thing. There were no influencers and social media was not at all what it is today. What I wanted, more than anything, in the midst of the job I held that was not at all fulfilling to me and a life I wasn’t sure what to do with, was to build something with influence. Even in that space, I knew somewhere deep inside of me that encouraging people in the ways I felt most uplifted and empowered meant everything to me. I felt an unshakable urge to create something that made others, particularly women, reach everything they were called to have. And I felt it with all of my soul. 

The thought of not fulfilling this purpose that lay dormant in my spirit brought me to the brink of tears.  

However many years later, here we are. As I have been planning and working on this project, the first of many flights, I wanted to wait until it was exactly what I saw, until it was perfect and everything I dreamed it should be. But one thing I have continued to work on in the span of time from that meeting until now is one simple thing: starting. 

This blog was the same way – it wasn’t exactly what I wanted it to be, but over the years I’ve been able to develop it into a place I’m proud of which would be impossible without simply beginning at the beginning. 

I’ve heard it said that excellence is doing the best you can with what you have so, I am so excited and thrilled to continue my excellence journey with the next facet of City And Hill – the brand. 

City and Hill is about owning your calling, confidence and creativity – so I guess I have to, too – if I’m asking you to do it.

We embrace our place as a city on a hill that is not meant to be hidden, downplayed or ashamed of it’s light. The things that God has placed on our hearts are not silly or small, they are a part of His divine plan for us and for His children through us.

This first iteration is all about establishing that, plain and simple. There is the minimalist route that is clean, bold and assured. Then there’s the growth pack, the motto but with a twist – a reminder of the mission to grow more and more into the motto from wherever we find ourselves beginning, inspired by 2 Peter 3:18, as that’s the most assured way to grow in anything. 

I’ve always used clothes as an extension of my goals, thoughts and feelings. A way to remind myself of who I am or who I want to be when I needed it. I want these pieces to do the same. I don’t want to simply inspire you – inspiration is great, but it’s only the spark that may or may not ignite an action. I want to encourage you to action, to take up your calling, creativity and confidence to wield them like the mighty tools they are to put in the work you, individually, are created to do.

This is for you – I’m beginning here and I hope that, wherever you are beginning, wearing these pieces keep you rooted and growing in what you represent and who you were created to be. on beginning City and Hill official clothing brand launch

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