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actually stay warm with style nike boot treasure and bond coat

If you don’t know where I’m coming to you from – it’s the great northern tundra of Minnesota. Let me answer a few questions for you right off the bat: actually stay warm with style

Yes, we do have summer (it’s short – but it’s amazing).

No, we are not part of Canada (yes, some people think this).

No, I don’t say “you betchya'” or “don’t ya know,” but I do know people who say “uff da”

Yes, there are black people here (hi.) actually stay warm with style

Minnesota in the winter is it’s own animal, if it snows 8″ it will still be a normal day and we don’t start shuttin’ stuff down until the windchill hit’s around 30 degrees below zero F. Probably. 

Having said that – It’s nice to be cute, but it’s real life important to be warm. Here you can literally die from just standing outside too long sometimes (wanna come visit?) so navigating the icy below zeros is imperative. So the question becomes, how do you stay toasty without looking like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? It is possible!

I stumbled upon a look that will do the trick, as well as some other finds I think you’ll enjoy. In the next couple months I will be adding heavy mittens and a bigger hat and zipping this joint allllllll tha way up. But this will do for the fall-ish winter days ahead. My new favorite Air Force 1 High Utility 2.0s will keep me away from the wetness and this Treasure & Bond coat is soooooooo warm & comfy. Also wearing a very cozy CAHX sweatshirt underneath the coat – a recipe for unparalleled warmness. actually stay warm with style

Check those and a few other options below. You don’t have to sacrifice a lewk just because the outdoors is disrespectful.

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