The Good Thing About Thanksgiving

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It’s that time of year again, ya’ll – to wear your best eating pants and get ready to formulate answers to family members’ intrusive and unwanted questions (LINK). The good thing about thanksgiving

Happy holidays.

But even with some of the things that aren’t our favorite about the holiday, there are some amazing things that come along with this blast out of the blocks that is the holiday season sprint.

Thanksgiving starts us off in the best way, certainly not because of what actually transpired on this day all those years ago (this is not the place for a history lesson but hopefully you know), but, rather, because of the act of thanksgiving itself.

Do you know that giving thanks & gratitude produces fruit in our lives? That’s right, being thankful leads to some benefits for your life that perhaps you hadn’t thought of. Or maybe you have – in which case feel free to skip this and go for that extra piece of pie. Everybody knows calories only count in the first slice. Ok, let’s get into it: the good thing about thanksgiving

16 Let joy be your continual feast.[a] 17 Make your life a prayer. 18 And in the midst of everything be always giving thanks, for this is God’s perfect plan for you in Christ Jesus.[b]

1 Timothy 6:6-8

1. Thankfulness puts you in God’s perfect plan 

So if you’ve found yourself wondering lately, “What is God’s will for my life?” – you can simply start by getting real good and thankful for all the things. Everything. Anything. 

That’s a pretty good reason to thankful right there, because it brings you into God’s will, but there are so many other fruits of thanksgiving. the good thing about thanksgiving

2. Thankfulness Tells the Truth

At a time like the holidays when all the messaging is what you should have and should be able to buy and the relationship you should be in and the meet-cute you’re supposed to have – ceretain thougths start to creep in.

Satan starts to whisper in your ear like, “Well how come you ain’t got none of that stuff? God is holding out on you. He’s given all the good stuff to everybody else. That sucks, huh?”

It happens to the best of us.

It has been trick of the enemy since literally the beginning of time – Eve was in the garden minding her own holy business and satan was all – “For real you can’t eat from that tree? God is holding out on you – he doesn’t want you to have the good stuff, he’s tryna keep it all for himself, girl.”

And, listen, if it worked in the garden – where they had everything they needed forever…then it’s likely to work with us.

Satan gets us focused on where we are falling short in life, even if it’s really just a perception. Thankfulness for God and the abundance He gives protects us from believing the lie that God won’t give us good stuff.

No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.

Psalm 84:11

Giving thanks to God the abundance He wants to give us freely helps to guard our hearts from buying into a lie about who God is and keeps us focused on who He actually is.

3. Thankfulness Guards us From the Lie About Who We Are

It can be easy to not only think about what we dont have materially, but also in life. You might wish you were smarter or prettier or had a different body, wish you were a little bit taller, wish you were a baller, etc.

For me it’s the way I think…I always kid that I’m envious of you Type A’s out there, but I’m only half joking. It’s a struggle for me sometimes because I am a very non-linear thinker. I think in various circles. Like, for instance if you could hear my thoughts – which I am soooo glad you cannot…but if I had to say, do something basic like make a grocery list, which is quite a linear task, my thoughts would go something like this: 

“OK, I need to get juice, what kind of juice? What did we buy last time? Let me look on the target app. You know what app I havent used in a while? Sptotify. Why does that always come on in teh car when my bluetooth connects. Oh I was supposed to download that song for class on Saturday – let me do that now. – let me look for it…. Oh shoot, did I remeber to get my dance shoes from the other studio? When Am I going back there? Probably not til next week. What’s next week? The third week of the month? Already? OH I gotta write a blog post for next week and I havent started. I had an idea for one…it was on my list of ideas, I should look at that. Which app did I save my list in? Which one….which onee….haha, I should look on Pinterest for decor ideas, I gotta finish my dining room. Why is the target app open? Was I looking for something? Juice??? Oh yeah…maybe I should make a grocery list.” 


It’s a rollercoaster ride in there every day, ya’ll. Up is down and 5 is carrots and green is cupcakes…that’s how it feels. And sometimes I get into this mode of being like, God…bro…what’s up with this? Like, you couldn’t have put a focus button somewhere??? That must be why she can accomplish xyz, and that woman over there is so good at this and that…

And I start to get down on myself. We can get into this pattern of thinking like God didn’t make you exactly on purpose. When you start going there, thinking of all of the ways you are lacking – use thankfulness as a tool of warfare and start thanking God for who he made you to be.

In psalms it literally says: 

14 I thank you, God, for making me so mysteriously complex!
Everything you do is marvelously breathtaking.
It simply amazes me to think about it!
How thoroughly you know me, Lord!

Psalm 139:14

I’m thankful that this weird brain of mine is so complex because every once in a while some creativity pops out of there and folks are like, how did you think of that???? And I’m like, “I really don’t know. Like, really, truly. I started off thinking about turtles and here we are….” And instead of fighting God on it i’m learning to make friends with the way he created my brain.

So thankfulness for who God created you to be yields confidence and when you are confident in the way he created you – what comes out of you helps point people to christ because that’s really what folks are out here searching for. The ability to be ok with who they were created to be. 

4. Thankfulness Allows Us to Share our Faith

When you know the truth about who God is and who you are you are in a great place to show the world both!

Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves to share the gospel – but our thankfulness is really a testimony for others and the fruit of that is soil – which sounds super weird, but it’s the circle of life. I’m sure that’s what the song is talking about. the good thing about thanksgiving

105 Go ahead and give God thanks
for all the glorious things he has done!
Go ahead and worship him!
Tell everyone about his wonders!

Psalms 105:1

When you are thankful about what God’s done in your life, when people hear the truth about who God is and see the fruit of that in how you carry your own self because you’re confident in the way God made you – it tills the soil of their heart. It creates open doors, good soil, and other mixed metaphors – but it plants a seed in them because they see how free you are to love God, love yourself, and love them enough to share the truth of it all with them.
That leads them on their own journey to God and, eventually, their own thanksgiving which will impact someone else in the same way.

It all works together bring glory to God – which is the biggest fruit of our thankfulness. 

So whether you just start with moments of your prayer journal or make it a point to tell someone at least once a day something you’re thankful for, make sure you make thankfulness a part of your life, because the fruits of living a life of gratitude are a varied cornucopia of wonderful.

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