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The Wonderfully Complex Collection is an invitation to make friends with the marvelous. So often we fight against the intentionality of who we were created to be based on comparison or who culture says we should be. This collection reminds you to celebrate your complexities as a part of God’s intentional design – as we find ways to use them to bring Him glory.  Streetwear Style christian brand

You are intentionally complex. Isn’t that wonderful?

Psalms 139:14
Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it!

This is not about celebrating our “flaws,” it’s about making friends with our complexities.

The world would have you celebrate your flaws or “imperfections,” while the Word would shift your focus to how strong God shows up – not how weak you are. Those flaws require our humility, our willingness to be refined by God & our willingness to be pruned so we can be fruitful in spite of our humanity.

streetwear style christian brand

Our complexities, on the other hand, are things God specifically and intentionally put in us that work with our purpose. The ways in which you think or operate that are not like everyone else – they are distinctly yours – which is why comparison is such a trap. How do you compare something that was never designed to be like something else?

What would your life, your mental health, your peace, your habits look like if you made friends with the way your complexities instead of fighting with them because you’re comparing them to what you perceive to be “better” in others?

What I love about this verse is it doesn’t just let you know that you are complex – you are wonderfully complex. Like, it’s a good thing. Marvelous even. Can you think of yourself that way? streetwear style

That’s why I chose to launch the “Wonderfully Complex” collection – it is my much needed reminder for myself and for those around me that your complexities are wonderful – and, if we do the work to make friends with them, God can use them in the most amazing ways.

Not to mention -ya’ll, these are super comfy. Ijs.

Shop this limited edition collection HERE.

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