City And Hill is a faith and lifestyle blog + brand that is all about challenging, inspiring, and practical content to give millennial women who want to walk in confidence tools to explore, embrace & thrive in your calling as a woman, leader, wife and/or mom through transparency, personal stories & faith based content. faith and lifestyle blog

This space is a resource to help you thrive in your calling, confidence & creativity in everyday life. Your playing small does not serve the world – own your voice & space and let your light shine. faith and lifestyle blog

Matthew 5:13-16


The Basics:

Hi, friends. I’m Kasidy –  a multifaceted introvert & recovering shy person who’s life consistently requires extrovert sensibilities.

I am an author, blogger, content creator, sneaker fan and easily distracted human.

In my life have been blessed to make all kinds of mistakes and discoveries and see God use it all for good. My greatest joy and the work I love to do is to encourage and affirm women in their faith and help them find their confidence in all arenas & seasons of life.

I’m married to the greatest man on the whole of planet Earth/ instagram husband extrodiare, Andrew  – and I love him the most. He’s in full-time ministry, he’s an excellent piano player, he’s my favorite person, and he has a fondness of string cheese. We just had our first itty bitty and life has changed so much so fast!  I’m learning (& sharing) all the ways to navigate this crazy mom life.

Other Randomness: 

Cheesecake is the greatest. It’s one of the ways I know God loves me.

I hate chocolate. It’s one of the ways I know the devil is real.

I am thisclose to obtaining my Masters Degree in Leadership.

Once, I ran into a parked car. Literally. I literally ran into it.

I (very sort-of) play the ukulele.

I’ve spent much of my life as a professional dancer & Latin dance instructor.

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