About The Brand

What is City And Hill?

faith community of women entrepreneurs and students

Has life ever handed you one of these lies?

Every one of us is created with a purpose and a plan and, when we walk in it, we not only step into God’s best for our lives – but we also use our influence to show others His glory.

Life has a way of convincing us that this is not true – that we can’t live God’s best for our lives and have joy, peace & fulfilment as consistent companions.

City And Hill  is a faith + lifestyle brand that inspires & equips women to discover, embrace & thrive in their God-given confidence, calling and creativity.

What started over 10 years ago as  a style blog has become a quality, trusted  faith community for women who want to grow into all that God has for them.  

Where Does the Name Come From?

CAH practically resources you to be everything God has called you to be – shining your light so God gets the glory in your life, work and home.

What do we believe?

In the Gospel

Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died for our sins so that we could have life and life more abundantly. Everything we do is for the purpose of honoring the one who created us so that we can be a reflection of His grace, love and truth.

God loves you. The only way to get all He has for you is to give your life to Him. We are not saved by works, or being a “good person” but by the grace of a loving father who gave his life for us.

In Community

We were not created to do life alone. And, although a digital community is wonderful – nothing beats being in actual community with other believers to life each other up, pray for each other, serve each other, and encourage one another on. Your local church is the best resource in supporting your personal walk with God. Communities like CAH are a wonderful supplement.

In a Calling

We were all created with calling in mind. First, to love God and, then to love people. We love God through getting to know Him in prayer, reading his Word, and spending time with Him. We love people by showing them grace, but also through the unique gifts and talents He has placed in each one of us. We honor Him when we use what He has given us with excellence and love to build eachother & the Kingdom.

In You

You are marvelously made and wonderfully complex. You have gifts and talents that the world needs. You should be at your best so you can best serve others and operate in your influence. Whether you are called to traditional work, exclusively to home, to ministry, to entrepreneurship or anything in between – in all facets of your life and relationships you can live out God’s best. You can have all that He has for you and you can be all He’s called you to.

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