Meet Kasidy


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Author, speaker, creator, and sneaker fan Kasidy Isahaq  is a multifaceted introvert & recovering shy person who’s life consistently requires extrovert sensibilities.

From a young age, Kasidy felt a calling on her life to do cool things, though she was not always sure what they were. Through the years she pursued her passions – singing, dance, writing, creating – and, even though all of those things scared her and she usually cried afterwards, God kept drawing her to use her gifts and now she uses them for…wait for it…cool things.

Kasidy created the City and Hill brand to fill a void she felt called to address in her own life – to have a platform that gives women quality and practical resources to discover and embrace who God called them to be. As a recovering shy person and a text-book introvert, she hopes that she can use her story of what God has brought her through to encourage others into living God’s best for their own lives.

She resides in Minneapolis, MN with her husband and son, both of whom are super cute, living a full life in ministry.


Other Stuff from Kasidy: 

Cheesecake is the greatest. It’s one of the ways I know God loves me.

I hate chocolate. It’s one of the ways I know the devil is real.

I am thisclose to obtaining my Masters Degree in Leadership.

Once, I ran into a parked car. Literally. I literally ran into it.

I (very sort-of) play the ukulele.

I do not own too many pairs of sneakers – no matter what my mom says. She’s right about everything except that.

I’ve spent much of my life as a professional dancer & Latin dance instructor.

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